Spicy talk with Rahim Ayew

Nira from Ghanees Eten had a spicy interview with Rahim Ayew, what did we talk about? Well just keep on reading …IMG-20170718-WA0017

When i asked Rahim what his favorite Ghanaian dish would be there was no doubt, without thinking he answered: ‘Jollof”! He said ‘Jollof is just diffrent because it’s a bit spicy. To me Jollof is THE BEST. It’s just so diffrent from every other food in the world.’ He told me the Spanish have something called paëlla wich he had tasted befored altho he liked it, Rahim said: ‘but still Ghana jollof is the best!’

I hear this all the time. A lot of us Ghanaians really feel like our jollof is ‘it’. I asked what he thinks about the ongoing ‘jollof beef’ between Ghanaians and Nigerians. Both saying they have the best jollof. I think we both agreed that offcourse our Ghanaian jollof is the best hihi. Rahim believes that they learned it from us so they can never beat us.

So tell me Rahim what is your relation with tradidional food? He went on telling me that if he travels or is staying abroad in Europe and he does not get any food from Ghana, he just woun’t feel good. He said ‘i am so related to it that i get homesick if i don’t get my African local dishes for too long’. So he learned how to cook. Rahim said western food is also nice but he will miss some spices.  He went on saying ‘after some time.. uhmmm ma bre’.

It’s funny because almost every Ghanaian i know will tell me they like to taste dishes from other countries, and they actually wíll taste it, but they never feel satisfied unless they eat local food. Rahim sais if there is both African and European food on a table, and there is some food from Europe he has tried before he will take a bit and eat it but if he never tried it before he wount even dare he will just stick to the African food… So i don’t think i have to ask you European food or Ghana food, right?! We are both laughing when he obviously said ‘African food’.

Since you are a footballer/soccerplayer, is there anything you do to stay fit and healthy or is that not possible if you only eat Ghanaian foods? I mean is there any specific food that keeps you fit and healthy as a athlete? Rahim tells me that he never eats any heavy food like banku or fufu before a game. From a day before a match he does not eat no banku, fufu or waakye or any other heavy dishes. Sometimes he does eat jollof on a day of a game but he makes sure to eat it lots of hours before a match and only using a litlle bit of spices. But mostly he just eat pasta.

Rahim is there any food you could eat every day? Rahim: ‘jollof!’  Well at least we got that clear.. lol

What do you think of the high rates of high bloodpressure, diabetes and high colesterol among Ghanaians? Rahim’s advice to does who don’t really exercise is: don’t over do it. He said if you are into sport you kind of compensate. He is giving me an example of his father Abédi Pelé who used to be one of the greatest soccer players of Africa now no longer playing and also suffering from bloodpressure. Abédi Pelé now too is watching his diet according to his oldest son Rahim. Rahim tells me how he feels like it is also somehow society to blame because not everybody can afford the healthy things like fresh vegetables. If they get one of these health problems like high bloodpresure or diabetes also not everybody can afford the medications that the doctor is prescribing so some people have no choice.

I think it’s safe to say that we concluded that there is just something magical, álmost addictional to our beloved Ghanaian kitchen.. So keep on enjoying and try to workout 😉







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